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The fiercest enemies of our ideas are those that do not understand them.

(Albert Einstein)

  Translate your ideas and communicate with a global world

On-screen texts Terminology and restrictions

Due to our constant flow of communication with the main videogame companies, we are up to date with the latest technology specific to each platform. Our goal: to match the high quality standards of your products and to never miss a deadline.

Restrictions in texts
Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the texts to the restrictions provided by developers, for example length limits, harmonising terminology, etc.
Sometimes we have to work directly with the sensitive part of the product, such as the source code of a videogame. In these cases we know exactly what precautions need to be taken to make a perfect distinction between the code and the text to be edited.

Scripts Credible dialogues

In drafting scripts, literal translations are discarded to avoid dialogue sounding unnatural when recording is carried out.

For sequences that require lip-synching, adaptations are made before the recording is carried out. During this process, the length of the text and take and the coordination between the mouth of the on-screen character and the text are adjusted.

Manuals and websites Basic information for users

The harmonisation of the technology used must be consistent throughout the entire manual or website, and it must coincide with the text that appears on screen in the videogame.

Web texts
Our team of technical reviewers supervise the technical integrity of the files, which include code integrated into the texts, so as not to corrupt the operation of the website.

Proofreading Revision and checking of official terminology

We offer our clients this service, which consists of a blend of the revision of texts and the design. We provide a complete and detailed report in which our clients can see all the errors found and edited.

Official terminology and approval
Our translations are up to date with all the official and specific terminology glossaries for the various videogame platforms, enabling us to avoid approval issues with the licensees.

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About Us


Betafix was founded in April 1998. This project was started by the marketing and development team at ERBE Software, the legendary videogame distributor, who quickly saw the specific needs of the emerging videogame industry and decided to form an active part in the creation of the localization industry. From the start, our goal has been to specialize in knowledge and support for the cultural adaptation of the entertainment software industry and since then we have managed to maintain long-term working relationships with our clients.