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At Betafix we customise even the finest of details

The redesign is a very important process in localization. All the images with integrated text or symbology have to be redesigned in order to suit each market, while respecting and maintaining the original design.

  Expert videogame industry designers



Our artists are capable of creating detailed reproductions of all the effects applied to the texts, adapting the message to the original sizes, adjusting the animations and using the same font and format.


Design tools

Sometimes it is necessary to clean any complex backgrounds before starting the redesign process for the new adapted texts. In order to achieve this, an in-depth knowledge of the set of design tools is necessary: Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Studio Max, etc., as well as the latest utilities and plugins.

Why choose us?

A quick look at our way of working

  • Professional dubbingEurope has a long tradition of professional actors who become dubbing actors. Only a good actor can be a dubbing actor as it is the only way that the actor can transmit the character with the full impact of the on-screen performance.

    A professional team

  • Specialised translationWe are proud to be able to offer our proficiency and experience in the use of official terminology, which has been approved on the various gaming platforms, as well as a vast knowledge of the language used in each kind of game and the perseverance required in order to adjust to suit the needs and limitations required.

    We are specialists in

  • Code and resource integrationFor some products, the developers delegate the integration to us. Our team of programmers is trained to work on the source code as their development team do. We integrate the localized resources and reconstruct the programme in order to carry out tests.

    Code and resource integration

  • TESTINGOur team and its technical resources are capable of offering you a global service of tests and quality control checks, starting with the initial stages of your product and covering every phase of development, up to and including the final approval of the project.

    Specialists in testing and Quality control


  • The dubbing in Spanish is fantastic."

    # PlayManía PlayManía#181

  • It is dubbed in Spanish by Carlos Ysbert, a famous actor who is better known for giving a voice to Homer Simpson for 12 years, quite a big deal!

    # IGN España Alejandro Peña

  • The dubbing and the soundtrack are fantastic

    # PlayManía PlayManía#178

  • Dark Messiah: It is spectacular! The action, the quality of the graphics and the ambiance are fantastic. Also, the translation is wonderful.

    # Micromanía Micromanía #142

  • Impeccable localization of Spanish text and audio

    # MeriStation 8/10

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- We have the necessary experience to carry out the globalisation of your products.
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About Us


Betafix was founded in April 1998. This project was started by the marketing and development team at ERBE Software, the legendary videogame distributor, who quickly saw the specific needs of the emerging videogame industry and decided to form an active part in the creation of the localization industry. From the start, our goal has been to specialize in knowledge and support for the cultural adaptation of the entertainment software industry and since then we have managed to maintain long-term working relationships with our clients.